The Committee


You may hear Lydia before you see her, our new President couldn’t be more excited about leading the way this year. Always a committed member, not one rehearsal goes past without Lydia present. When she’s not singing in perfect harmony you’ll find her working on those Second year English essays, writing for orbital or keeping active with some table tennis. Our President may have a jam-packed life but one thing is for certain, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for Absolute Harmony and its members.


The perfect match to our Pres, vice Lucy will be sure to getting you all involved in volunteering and planning our best tour yet! Lucy is also in the second year of her English degree. She has been volunteering for many years at a dog shelter at home in Wales so organising the human volunteers in Egham for sing songs with elderly residents at local care homes should be a piece of cake.


Never one to be without her phone, Olivia is sure to keep Absolute Harmony more organised than ever. Using her amazing English skills our weekly email is sure to be on point. Not just content with being our Secretary she will be teaching our sassy sopranos this year. Her grade 7 piano skills will come in handy to keep us in Absolute Harmony.


Having joined AbHarm during his second year he’s making up for lost time becoming an active member and impressing everyone with fabulous outfits for socials and booming out that bass line. He’s decided to take it one step further by being part of the committee as our treasurer. There is no one better for the job, using the economics knowledge which he needs for his PPE degree will ensure that he will get the most out of our money.


Absolute Harmony resident party animal being Social and Communication officer is the job Emma was born to do. When she’s not hanging out on the SU dance floor or at AbHarm’s favourite pub The Happy Man she’ll will be wearing her lab coat completing the second year of her Biomedical Sciences degree. Rest assured more socials and more fun times are on the cards this year with Emma in charge.


Having taken over the role of MD in January Hannah’s arrangements and commitment won her recognition as Freshman of the Year, which she was awarded at the Socs Ball. She’s back once again juggling writing essay for her English degree and writing beautiful music for AbHarm. We can’t wait to hear what’s next!


Being MD for one year wasn’t quite enough for Cheylea so she’s back for more. Last year as one of our Musical Directors she completed some fantastic arrangements including a mash up of ‘Hold Back the River’ with ‘Ghost’ along with leading the boys to victory in the Spring concert for our Boys vs Girls sing off. When she’s not writing fabulous a capella you’ll find Cheylea studying for her final year in Mathematics. One thing’s for certain, we can’t wait for more!