RHUL's very own a cappella vocal group

The Committee



Our President Clodagh is one of the warmest and soft spoken members of our choir but don’t let that fool you! This amazing alto will be spearheading Absolute Harmony through our next year while doing her second year in History. When she’s not leading our committee you can find her indulging in some musical theatre or horse riding! Clodagh is galvanised and ready to dive into her Presidential duties. She is incredibly committed to the welfare of our members and the success of the society and we are looking forward to the amazing job she will do this year!



Our Vice President this year will be the bubbly Sophie! She is truly passionate about singing and the family that she has found with Absolute Harmony. Her enthusiasm and fun personality will definitely drum up excitement for volunteering and tour! When Sophie’s not balancing final year in History you can find her ‘up in the gym just working on [her] fitness’. Not only this, but Sophie has set her heart on travelling to see the world so she is raring to get started on organising tour.  We are incredibly excited for tour and the volunteering opportunities she will open up!



This year Ellie will be our Secretary! She will be dazzling this year’s committee with her creative solutions, organisational skills and comical energy. Ellie will be keeping you updated with her informative and colourful e-mails and our brand new Team App! If there is anything you ever need to know, Ellie is most definitely your girl! While completing her third year of English, Ellie enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and listening to her all-time favourite band: Muse. We are confident that our resident bullet journal enthusiast will excel as our Secretary this year!



Jared will be our Treasurer this year! Adopting the name ‘Master of Coin’ Jared will be managing our finances and channelling his efforts towards keeping Absolute Harmony efficient and successful! When he’s not crunching numbers Jared will be balancing his final year in Mathematics, reading philosophical works and playing classical guitar (an ability he has been honing for 8 years!). Having won the award for ‘Best Teacher’ last year at the Golden Vinyl Awards, we know that Jared’s musicality and logical mind-set will hugely benefit our society!



Our Social Secretary this year is Lydia! This will be her second year as a committee member and she will be in charge of social events and maintaining all of our social media platforms. Her charismatic and fun personality will be sure to get all members integrated with the fun Absolute Harmony has to offer! Having finished a degree in English at Royal Holloway she is now tackling a Masters in Shakespeare.  Outside her degree you’ll find Lydia working as a steward at Shakespeare’s Globe, videogaming and jamming to all kinds of music. With a Crest Award under her belt we are sure Lydia will deliver amazing social opportunities and use social media to showcase the best of our society!



This is Lauren and she will be one of our Musical Directors for a second year running! Her flare for writing A Cappella arrangements is at its brightest! She eats, sleeps and breathes music. Completing her third year in Music, Lauren also records amazing renditions of existing songs and composes her own. She owns many instruments and they all have names! This personal attachment and love for music really translates to what she has contributed to our society. Last year Lauren’s ‘Abba Medley’ and her mash up ‘Ain’t Crazy’ were smash hits and we cannot wait to see what she delivers next!



Will will be our new Musical Director for this year! Being dubbed Absolute Harmony’s ‘Dark Horse’, Will surprises us with his fun and daring approach to arrangements! When he’s not writing arrangements for the choir, Will is completing the first year of his Music degree.  When he’s not arranging music you can find Will dishing up some delicious food, exercising his multilingual ability or playing Pokemon. Last year Will’s guest arrangements ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’ and ‘Me Too’ were huge successes and are just a taste of what’s to come!