The Committee



Our president Cecilie is one of the friendliest and “smiley-est” in our amazing group. She loves a good social event, and you can always trust her to bring some fun into everything she does. This year she will be giving it her all and work hard towards making the members happy, whilst balancing her final year in International Relations. She’s incredibly dependable, so if there’s anything you need to know or need help with – she’s your girl. We all look forward with excitement to how she’ll lead AbHarm this year!



Vice President this year will be the wonderful Emma, who previously did an awesome as our Social Secretary last year. She is always ready to help you out with anything, and her cheerful personality will definitely get you excited about volunteering! When she’s not in the library working towards her Biomedical Science degree, she will be daydreaming about our next tour destination.



This lovely gal is Stephanie, this year’s secretary! She will be keeping you updated every week with her bubbly personality and colourful and informative e-mails, as well as keeping the committee on track with her on point organisational skills. She’s in her final year of studying Drama, and when she’s not doing committee work or letting her beautiful voice being heard in the mezzo section, she’s most likely cuddling a cat somewhere!



Tayla has taken the important role of Treasurer after two years of being a soprano in the choir. She will be making sure that we get the most out of our money and she will be the point of contact for the members regarding any payments throughout the year. Outside of AbHarm she is in her final year of Zoology, but unfortunately she won’t be bringing pets to rehearsals. With her experience working for the SU she is exceptionally qualified for the job and an invaluable asset for the society!



Anna is our social secretary – in charge of all the social events and maintaining the good relationships between members and committee. With her sparkly personality she is not one to miss and you are always guaranteed a smile and some top notch banter when you meet her! If you need a hug, a pep talk or just a someone who listens to you if you’re feeling down, don’t hesitate to come to her – she’s your lady.



Chris is one of our awesome Musical Directors this year. When he’s not writing sweet sweet music you can find Chris being super sciency in the lab working towards a Biochemistry degree or happily sipping on a G&T. Chris’ previous guest arrangements “Dreaming of You” and “September” have been real favourites amongst members and audience, and who can forget his emotional rendition of “Stay Another Day” at our Leaver’s concert 16/17? We can’t wait too see him step up AbHarm’s game this year!



Don’t let Lauren’s innocent appearance fool you, because she is a force of nature when it comes to arranging a cappella music! Lauren is our second MD, and she eats, sleeps, and breathes music. When she’s not writing arrangements for the choir, she is completing her second year of her Music degree. This is also why she won the Freshman of the Year Award at SOCs Ball 2016/17. Luckily for us, this means the coolest arrangements for AbHarm to tackle, and we are so ready to see what does next!