PRESIDENT – Molly Rafferty

Molly is a second-year English student who has been involved in Absolute Harmony since her first year. She has loved the Arts from a very young age; she grew up performing and is theatrically and vocally trained. Her involvement so far in Absolute Harmony has spanned across both choirs, and last year she received the Freshman of the Year award at Society Awards as well as three Golden Vinyl awards at Absolute Harmony’s annual awards ceremony. Her favourite AbHarm memory so far is definitely hearing the choir for the first time. She can’t wait to make even more memories in the coming year, whilst continuing to champion inclusivity and accessibility within the society!


Josh is a second-year Business and Management student who can’t wait to be your Vice President this year. His hobbies include Hockey, Acting, Film & Music production and Josh even has his own radio show on Insanity Radio! Josh’s role as Vice President means he is Molly’s right-hand man but he also leads the Committee and Choir on all things charities and volunteering. Be sure to reach out to him if you’d like to know more! Josh’s favourite thing about AbHarm is the community of singers and friends that come together every week to share in a passion but most importantly to have fun!

SECRETARY – Phili Varcoe

Phili is a second-year Business and Management student and is so excited to be your Secretary. Phili will be sending all the weekly emails and making sure everyone has all the important information they need to know! Her hobbies, besides singing and organisation, include sailing and going out with friends. Phili’s favourite memory of AbHarm is when the choir sang their first arrangement together last year and hearing all the different parts come together was so incredible!


Mary is a second-year music and maths student. She loves playing the flute, is a member of the Royal Holloway orchestra, and enjoys baking in her spare time. The AbHarm socials are some of her favourite uni memories! Last year, CIYS was one of her highlights, and this year she’s enjoyed the Glee watch parties which always provide some laughter on a ‪Monday night‬. She’s really excited to be your treasurer this year!


This year Grace Adams will be taking on the role of Musical Director working alongside Yuvi to write great arrangements and lead both Main Choir and Hardcore Harmony. Grace is going into her second year, studying Liberal Arts (with a focus on English and French Literature). In her spare time, she can be found reading and singing (constantly). Her favourite AbHarm memory would have to be performing at Warwick in February with Hardcore Harmony. She enjoyed the challenge of performing with choreography and the team spirit that the competition sparked within the choir.


Yuvi is entering his second year of Law at Royal Holloway and is thrilled to be one of your musical directors alongside Grace. Besides acapella, he loves writing music, playing squash and his pro bono legal work with the University of London. His top moment from Absolute Harmony was without a doubt when the choir performed his guest arrangement for the very first time and the emotion he felt hearing it come together, inspiring him to run for Musical Director this year.


Ruby is going into her second year at Royal Holloway studying psychology! This year she is Absolute Harmony’s social secretary and is very excited! She hopes we can come together and party soon! Ruby’s favourite memory from Absolute Harmony has to be when everyone went to a house party for a social and spontaneously sang the arrangements! The vibes were amazing and it really showcased Absolute Harmony’s achievements! Ruby can’t wait to meet you all!


Introducing your new Events Coordinator! Kate is in her second year of History at Royal Holloway and is so excited to be organising all of the amazing events which Absolute Harmony has planned this year! Aside from being an active member within the society, Kate enjoys yoga, reading and volunteering to teach in schools. Kate’s favourite memory from being a member of Absolute Harmony is definitely performing at the OACs at Warwick University!


Mel is a third-year Psychology student, AbHarm’s French resident and this year, they will be our new CWO. For the past two years in the society, one thing they have enjoyed the most, alongside the incredible community spirit and love, is all the amazing arrangements they got to learn. Absolute Harmony really brought out the best of them and their favourite songs. As a fully realised nerd, catch them for a talk about the latest video game announcement, your favourite film or any piece of literature you’d like to recommend them!

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